Our Process

At FLWR we believe that good design is essential and we strive for remarkable design in all that we do. Pretty flowers are simply not enough. FLWR's mission is to aid in creating seamless events that showcase their client’s sensibility and style with effortless ease and remarkable design. 

We are not in the business of planning events, we leave that up to experienced planners. We highly suggest you hire a planner and we would love to send some recommendations your way if you are in need. However, we do offer full design services to compliment the work of your planner that go beyond just flowers to ensure that the entire look and feel of your event is cohesive, memorable and uniquely yours. Below you’ll find a description of our process for both full scale design as well as just floral.


Mood Board

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First and foremost we are florists! Flowers are our passion and any design we create, you can bet the flowers will be a central feature, even if the floral design is decidedly simple.

After the mood board is perfected we’ll discuss the specifics of design. We’ll pour over all the floral options within the color scheme and season of your event and make a list of all the flowers you love as well as a list of all the flowers that are categorically off limits.

Once we have a clear idea of what flowers we’re using and where we will be putting them we’ll put together a visual guide with specifics so that everyone can be completely clear on exactly what will be expected. The guide is typically a few pages long and covers every floral aspect of the event so that nothing is a surprise and nothing is forgotten.


Whether you’d like FLWR to design the overall look of your event or just the floral decor, we’ll start by putting together a simple yet comprehensive mood board that visually outlines the look and feel of your event. This board will act as a guide throughout the entire design process. Think of it as a map. When unsure of which linen to chose or which vase or votive would work best the mood board will be there to help. Design decisions will be held up against the board to ensure that everything fits and that no desired element is left out. This ensures a cohesive design throughout the entire event, or at the very least, throughout the floral aspect of the event.


Floral board

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Decor Board

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If you’ve decided to bring FLWR on for full scale design we will create a similar visual guide for the entire decor plan. Each element planned to be used will be visually represented in the guide so that we can be sure that everything fits together and is representative of the overall look and feel of the event.

Every element from linens to votives to the shelving behind the bars will be thought of and made to fit into the design of the event.

The final aspect of designing your event is a bit less structured. After spending months putting the design together and building trust the very last element are a series of small, detailed touches that add depth and warmth to your event. Little vignettes will be added here and there to make your event feel lived in and inviting in the same way a stack of books or well placed artwork can make a home warm and inviting.

When it comes to design we can do as much or as little as you’d like. Each event is different. Take a look at our contact page and see which plan will work for you!

Take a look at the images below to see how we used the above visual aides and mood board to create a unique, warm and memorable wedding.

The Result