All who attend your wedding will carry memories of your big day. What do you want those memories to feel like? What patina will they have as they age? Design is what creates the mood that later ages into fond memories and deep emotions.

It's our intention to listen carefully to the vibe you want to create for a day that should be unique to you as a couple. It's your day to set the intentions for what you want the rest of your life together to feel like. Will it be full of romance and decadence? Or adventure, fun and quirkiness? Or cozy, deeply meaningful simplicity? We're here to listen and interpret your feelings into unforgettable design that conveys your love and intentions to all your guests.

Floral Design

From intimate to grand, we design flowers for weddings, social events, restaurant accounts, photoshoots and interior styling. Each design is crafted and customized to each individual client with emphasis on shape, architecture, and seasonality. 

We work closely with our local growers & organic farmers to provide only the freshest & highest quality blooms, while reducing our carbon footprint. By carefully hand-selecting each bloom, we are able to set the tone of the space using color, shape, and texture.


Full Design Services

At FLWR we have a passion for both flowers and design and there is no better place to showcase both than through imaginative and graceful events. The hallmarks of our earliest human civilizations were art and gatherings. Gathering in celebration is a deeply human practice. Beauty, design and community speaks to us on such a deep and fundamental level. At FLWR we believe that good design is essential and we strive for remarkable design in all that we do. Pretty flowers are simply not enough. FLWR's mission is to aid in creating seamless events that showcase their client’s sensibility and style with effortless ease and remarkable design. 

From tabletop rentals, to linen management, to color palette formation, we help achieve a cohesive & styled event. We truly take the time to get to know each client as an individual, while using our eye for design through architecture, art, and the natural world to create a unique, custom event. 

Floral Pick Up

We also offer a la carte floral designs from bouquets to centerpieces to be picked up at our design studio.

This option is budget friendly and flexible – perfect for those who don't require event set-up, elopements, and small gatherings.