Summer Tablescape Inspiration

Hi FLWR Friends!

We're starting a new feature on our blog and social media of seasonal tablescape designs. I get all these ideas for designs I'd like to do but for whatever reason, we don't end up being paid by someone to do them. So I'm just making them happen, once a season, in order to scratch my itch for making these ideas become real and show the world some concept that may not have been tried before and also to provide some (hopefully) fun content for anyone actually paying attention to this little blog of ours. 

So although I know summer is winding down, I really wanted to make this idea come to life, so here you go! Our summer tablescape inspiration!

We have these lovely, simple, modern, clear glass bud vases that come in three sizes that we sell here at the shop. One day I lined a bunch of them up with water in them with the intention to use them separately and instantly saw an awesome centerpiece design for a long table. It was a happy accident! This happened at least a year and a half ago, and though I kept the skeleton of the idea in my brain and tried to use it for various projects, it just never came together. 

I then ran across the image below. It's a print from artist Hugo Guinness.


The image felt summery to me even though it was black and white. The flowers that were represented resembled summer flowers and the starkness of the black and white reminded me of summer silhouettes; when the sun is so bright it seems to suck the color and detail out of things and all you see are the silhouettes. 

It then struck me that this would be the perfect concept for the my bud vase idea I had been trying to make come to fruition for so long. So I put this simple concept board together:

Summer Table.jpg

With the help of our friends over at Please Be Seated, we turned a Hugo Guinness print into a real tablescape concept.


The super clean white backdrop with the stark flowers and black flatware really spoke summer to me. And the way that Ashtin Paige shot the table really helped bring that sundrenched, eyes-aren't-quite-adjusting-because-it's-so-damn-bright, feeling to life. 


I painted the name cards myself with water color one night while sipping wine and watching Sharp Objects. Our girl Courtney, a designer here at the shop and a hand lettering and all things paper enthusiast, put the finishing touch with the perfectly modern yet simple script.


And again, in pink!

While I was shopping for flowers after I had already finalized the concept in my mind and set up the shoot time and rented all the things, I saw some gorgeous pink anthurium. I tend to loathe most varieties of anthurium so these really caught my eye. It then occurred to me that this design had existed in my mind in a few different iterations because it's so simple, and that maybe I should go ahead a showcase how this design could be done in many different ways with different effects. Or, I needed an excuse to by those anthurium so I decided I'd just do two shoots instead of one! Probably that. But a little of the other thing too.


I swapped the name card for a sprig of not yet ripe blackberries on the stem, but otherwise left everything else exactly the same.


I kept it in monochromatic shades of pink to keep the simple, stripped down summer theme. To further push that summer theme I used all flowers that are exclusive to summer and grow locally. For the most part these are flowers nearly everyone has seen growing in someone's garden during summer. I find that staying true to the seasonality of flowers helps to drive home the season that you're celebrating. It's not something a guest will consciously notice, but those are the very best details; the details that nobody thinks to point out but are working hard in the backs of all their minds to create a very specific time and place for your event.

So that's our super simple, summer tablescape concept (say that 5 times fast)! Thanks for taking a look! I'm truly honored to have stolen your attention for just a few minutes! I've already got a board ready for our autumn edition. Keep coming back to the blog to see that one!


All photos by Ashtin Paige.

Flatware, glassware, plates, chargers and chairs by Please Be Seated

Linen by La Tavola Linens

Flowers and concept by us! FLWR


In between swapping out the black flowers for the pink flowers, Ashtin and I noticed that the chocolate cosmos looked so lovely all on their own. Like a configuration of little black birds silhouetted across the sky, or music notes on a page. So here are a few of those shots just for funsies.