Sarah Bartholomew for Pottery Barn Product Launch

This week we had the privilege of flowering for the launch of Sarah Bartholomew's product line with Pottery Barn. 


We are all familiar with Pottery Barn's brand image. You don't necessarily think of FLWR and Pottery Barn going together but that was what made the collaboration so fun. A chance to flex other sides of our creativity and show some range. 


The launch party was in the form of a sit down dinner at Henrietta Red. Molly Sohr of The Cedar Lane was the planner, and of course, Sarah Bartholomew had her hands in each element of the design. 

For our part, we brought in a pergola to go in the doorway to green out the space and create a lovely photo moment for guests. It also did a lovely job of framing the adjacent room where dinner would be served.


We set the tables with mossy, aged terra-cotta pots filled with loose and gardeny white flowers. For dimension and visual interest we interspersed the larger arrangements with smaller pieces in little white cups, more terra-cotta with maiden hair ferns and ficus repens, and some Pottery Barn woven palm lanterns.

IMG_4952 2.jpg

All in all a lovely evening and a gorgeous party!


Big thanks to Molly and Sarah for hiring us for this lovely event! Can't wait to work with the both of you again!

We Bloggin'

Hey Friends! We figured we didn't have enough on our plates so now we're gonna blog! It's gonna be great! But please don't hold it against us if in two years this is still the only post here. 

Our goal is to bring you just two blog posts a month. Our topics will cover a range of things:

Information on where we get our flowers

Behind the scenes details about our process

Thoughts and musings on all kinds of things design related

Occasional instructional guides

Lots and lots of pictures of flowers and details on our event work!

I'm excited to go along on this journey with you.